Spin-It Records and Video – Moncton’s coolest and kitschiest shop!

One of the best things about moving to a new city is discovering all the fun little places that don’t always make the tourist guides. Spin-it Records and Video is one of my favorite shops in Moncton. This might be because I love movies and music or it mspin it 12 - Copyight be because I’m over 30 and my childhood days are far behind me!

But if you ever want to relive those happy days of childhood, this is the place to go. Store owner Patrick Parisé has one of the greatest collections of pop culture kitsch that I have ever seen. Missing a specific Smurf from your collection? He probably has it. Do you long for your old tin Snoopy lunch box?  He has that too. What about the original Wonder Woman poster you had in grade six? Just ask Patrick.  If he doesn’t have it, he’ll find it for you.spin it 17

Spin-it started out nearly 15 years ago as a record store that specialized in selling old and new vinyl records.  As business increased, Parisé, who is also a serious movie buff, decided to rent out his collection of 4,000 DVDs. Weekend line-ups to rent his movies were so long that he decided to open up a large shop that supported all three of his passions – music, film and pop culture.

If you get the chance to visit, give yourself some quality time to look around. The front is a video store that contains nearly 40 thousand movies geared to cinephiles. Films are categorized according to genres, directors, countries they hail from and festivals they were featured in. Plus the place smells of freshly popped corn. Past the video section is what looks like pop culture warehouse. Superhereos, Care Bears, 70s concert t-shirts, movie memorabilia –  it’s all there floor to ceiling.spin it 16

At the back of the shop you will find a fantastic selection of vinyl records. Parisé carries new releases as well as tens of thousands of original vinyl records.  He’s the master DJ of the store’s record player, introducing customers to new and old music.

If the movies, music and care bears don’t take you back in time, maybe the very back of the shop will. Recently Parisé installed a small arcade complete with orginal pin ball machines and games.  Some, like my favorite one, Charlies Angels, are still 25 cents!

Spin-it Records and Video

467 Main Street, Moncton NB